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Importance of Leaving Storm-damaged Trees to the Arborists

Extreme weather conditions and storms can potentially destroy everything, and your trees are not exempted from this fact. As you examine your area for storm management, it is vital to remember that specific cleanup tasks like removing storm-damaged trees are left in the hands of the tree experts. Keep on reading below to know more about the importance of keeping up your trees and protecting your property. 

It is the law  

Anyone who performs tree service Harrisonburg VA in any residence or business should have an active license within the industry in several areas. Licensed arborists don’t just have the needed work training, but they are required to update their liability insurance as well, which secures all of the involved parties. As you hire an arborist, never think twice about requesting their license and a recent copy of a certificate of liability insurance.   

Prevent being scammed  

As unfortunate as it is to believe, many people are taking advantage of a natural disaster to milk off money to the affected clients. After the extreme hurricanes, you can expect many people who go and knock door-to-door as they offer the three services they do. Some of them may be coming for you with good intentions to help you recover your yard. However, it would be best if you stay vigilant and ask as many questions as possible if you’re considering getting their services.   

When someone knocks on your door and offers tree services, make sure to know if they are part of renowned local tree businesses. Also, ask for a phone listing and references or check the website to verify the existence of their business. Ask for current insurance certificates and arborists license. Then verify these documents by calling their insurer.   

An arborist is legitimate if they won’t get offended to verify their qualifications since it is a standard practice in the business.   

Easy and quick removal  

When there’s a fallen tree or any branches that you want to remove, an arborist or a specialist of expert tree maintenance can deal with the job better and faster than you probably could do had you perform it on your own.   

Complete high-end equipment and tools  

Apart from that, tree experts are expected to have high-quality equipment run by well-trained experts to help any storm-damaged yard be clear. It would be worth every penny if you bring in the arborists with potentially dangerous and even labor-extensive tasks like this.   

Get a professional assessment.   

You’ve certainly put a lot of effort and hard work into cultivating your yard. However, you don’t have to remove everything after storm damage. A tree expert can examine your property to give suggestions on what can be saved and what must be removed. They’ll also let you know about any possible courses of action that can help restore your lawn to what it was before. 


The Secret to Concrete Driveway Maintenance

Though concrete is recognized as a highly robust and durable material, it still needs a particular amount of attention and care. Because of that, a concrete driveway is a heavy traffic area that requires close attention to keep it in tip-top shape as much as possible. Listed below are some of the helpful tips to maintain your concrete driveway according to an expert concrete contractor Harrisonburg VA. 

Maintain its cleanliness  

Oil stains and slicks are required to be dealt with immediately, and signs of algae and moss. That’s because they can result in significant damage to the sealant of your driveway eventually. Not only that, a driveway with moss and algae can make it look unappealing and untidy. The best solution for this is to use safe and not harmful chemical solutions. And before you apply any sealer to the surfaces, make sure to do a full clean first.   

Repair Cracks  

Ensuring that all cracks are fixed before they become a severe problem is essential if you want to keep up a healthy driveway. Cracks enable water to screen through, affecting your concrete’s structural integrity and damaging the subgrade. Grit and dirt can also clog up such fractures, making an uneven surface and allowing weeds to grow between the crack joints.   

Make sure to eliminate stains immediately.   

This may seem as if it cannot adversely impact your concrete surface. However, if you don’t clean up stains or oil spillage right away, it means that you need to use non-concrete-friendly and heavy-duty chemicals down the line to remove stubborn stains. One of the best ways to resolve this is by pressure washing your driveway, which is recommended before applying or reapplying a seal to the surface.   

Avoid de-icing  

Though making sure that your driveway does not get slippery during the winter season is vital to prevent unwanted falls and slips, make sure to prevent utilizing de-icers on your driveway surface as much as you can.  

Most de-icers aren’t intended to be used on concrete because they have chemicals that can adversely affect the driveway and the sealant applied to it. If you use de-icers throughout the icy seasons, expect to see a continuous cycle of thawing and freezing moisture, which strains the surface and poses issues like spalling and straining.   

Sealing driveway regularly  

Sealing is arguably the greatest means to secure your driveway and prolong its lifespan. This is especially true when you do this regularly. Concrete experts recommend everyone to do so six months after pouring the concrete and 2-3 years after based on how frequently you use and the conditions your driveway is prone to.   

Sealing is a process wherein a sealant is applied to the concrete’s surface to reduce damage and prevent corrosion. Moreover, note that there are different sealer types intended to be used for other surfaces.   

Moreover, the sealing can fill the pores that might otherwise absorb and gather dirt.  


How Concrete Driveways Improve Your Curb Appeal

What ideas come to your mind if you want to add value to your house? Almost every homeowner starts by adding unique features to their home.   

You probably ignore everyday things such as your driveway and pavement. Unfortunately, this oversight is highly crucial.   

There are many ways in which concrete driveways can improve the curb appeal of your house and its value. Aside from that, they’re also an affordable project to consider.   

However, before you hire a concrete contractor Tri Cities WA, it’s best to know how concrete driveways improve your curb appeal. Here are some of them:  

Honed Concrete  

Do you want a driveway that shines? Well, you should consider honed concrete. To achieve this look, a contractor will have to grind down the surface and use a protective coat to seal it.   

This will lead to a beautiful driveway that is easy to clean and lasts longer. In addition to that, it is more resistant to stains, such as motor oil. With minimal maintenance, you can still keep your driveway looking clean.   

When it comes to outdoor concrete surfaces, concrete honing is a lot better compared to concrete polishing. Keep in mind that the main drawback of polished concrete is it becomes incredibly slippery when wet. On the other hand, you can treat honed concrete with a non-slip solution. Thus, your car will still have a better grip even if the surface is wet.   

Colored Concrete Driveways  

When you think of concrete, you probably think of grey and dull color. However, it does not have to be like that. If you install colored concrete in front of your home instead, you can stand out in your neighborhood. You can utilize this to match your home’s exterior color scheme.   

Colored concrete is a lot better compared to stained concrete. This is because stained concrete contains hazardous chemicals that are dangerous to you and the environment.   

More Beautiful than Asphalt  

Asphalt driveways may be more affordable upfront. They might also appear nice the day they are installed.  

Unfortunately, they will not stay that way for a long period. Driveways made of asphalt can get ugly and worn quickly. They will deteriorate and crack almost immediately.   

Because of this, you might be better off with a concrete driveway. While it might cost you more upfront, it lasts for a longer period and looks more beautiful than asphalt.   

Replacing an Unpaved Driveway  

The worst thing in the world that can significantly affect the curb appeal of your property is an unpaved driveway.   

Keep in mind that the first thing a potential buyer sees when they visit your house is your driveway. Of course, they will not have a great experience if your driveway is made of gravel that spreads dust around. Even before they can enter your home, they will be turned off.   

Because of this, it is ideal that you have any paved driveway. It does not matter if it is a simple concrete driveway.   


Small Trees to Plant in Your Small Yard

You may think that you can’t plant a tree if your yard is small. You’re scared that the tree will grow too big and will take over your yard. Well, that is not the case. There are a lot of small and narrow trees that you can plant on your lawn. These types of trees won’t outgrow your yard.   

If you’ve always wanted to plant a tree, but your small yard is stopping you, don’t worry. We’re here to help. Today, we’re going to share with you a couple of narrow trees that won’t outgrow your yard. Aside from that, these trees don’t require a lot of tree maintenance at all. All you’ve got to do is to hire a tree service Charlottesville company.  

Tsukasa Silhouette Japanese Maple  

One of the most popular ornamental trees out there is the Japanese maple tree. That’s why they’re an ideal option for your lawn. If you’ve got a small yard, there is a variety you can plant as well. This is the Tsukasa Silhouette Japanese Maple. This narrow tree can reach a width of 5-6 feet and 12-18 feet.  

This tree is also versatile. You can use it as an ornamental hedge or an elegant centerpiece for your garden. However, you’ve got to plant this tree in a spot that obtains partial sunlight. It would help if you also planted it in well-drained soil.  

Crimson Pointe Flowering Plum  

You can still add a plum tree even if you’ve got a small yard. This type of narrow tree is a deciduous tree that is highly dense. It grows columnar and stands upright. It can also reach a width of 4-5 feet and a height of 15-20 feet.   

These trees have an extremely cute deep purple coloring throughout any season. When spring arrives, it produces pink-white flowers that are fragrant and beautiful.  

Skyrocket Juniper  

Skyrocket juniper is another exceptionally narrow tree. They can fit into the narrow sides of small areas. Usually, they can reach 15-20 feet high and 2-3 feet wide.   

One benefit of planting a skyrocket juniper is using them as privacy screens or a break from the wind. Aside from that, they’re easy to maintain since they’re resistant to drought. You will not have to prune or trim them regularly. Furthermore, you can use them as accent plants as well.  

You need to plant this tree in a spot that obtains full sunlight to thrive. They’ve got a moderate growth rate as well.  

Sky Pencil Holly Tree  

Sky Pencil holly tree is perhaps your best option if you search for a highly narrow tree for your lawn. Even if you’ve got a very tight space, this tree will fit easily. The reason for this is that its branches grow upwards. They also do not require a lot of trimming. Typically, this narrow tree can grow 8-10 feet high and 2 feet wide.   

You also have to plant this tree in a spot that obtains full sunlight. The soil should also drain properly.   


Fixing a Wet Basement

Is your basement wet? Are you wondering why it accumulates moisture? Where is the dampness coming from? Well, it does not matter. It would be best if you did not leave your wet basement as is. You’ve got to do something about it as soon as possible.   

If moisture is getting into your basement, it might be due to exterior problems. However, most of the time, it is due to foundation issues.   

Reasons Not to Ignore a Wet Basement  

If you find water inside your basement, you should expect it to flood whenever there’s heavy rain. Aside from that, a wet basement can be an indication of severe foundation issues. If you’re using your basement as a living space, you can lose personal belongings, electronics, and furniture due to water damage. Furthermore, wet basements can also lead to:  

  • Allergens  
  • Musty smells  
  • Mold  

It can be an indication of foundation damage as well. This will put you at risk for flooding during heavy rain.   

Because of this, you have to fix your basement right away. Should you do it on your own? The answer is yes. However, if the damage is already severe, you will need the help of professional basement waterproofing contractors 

Fixing a Wet Basement on Your Own  

If the damage is not yet severe, there are many DIY solutions to help you fix your wet basement. However, you should keep in mind that these solutions are only temporary. For a permanent fix, you’ll need professional help.   

  • Unclog Footing Drains  

The pipes that homebuilders install underground during construction are called footing drains. Their purpose is to direct water away from the foundation. You should look for a drain in your basement floor to know if you’ve got footing drains. Waste, such as oil and hair can clog the line. You can use a snake auger to get rid of the clog.   

  • Reshape Your Landscaping  

Water will flow towards your house and accumulate near the walls if your landscaping slopes toward your basement. To prevent this, you can create a swale. This is a shallow and wide ditch that will collect water and direct it away from your house. You can also create a berm. This is a dirt mound that will direct away water from particular areas. The ground around your walls should slope away from it.  

  • Plug Gaps  

You can use hydraulic cement polyurethane caulk to plug the openings if you notice moisture or water leaking through cracks. Aside from that, it would help if you also plugged leaks around pipes.   

However, if the water is coming from the cove joint or floor, plugging won’t solve the problem. You’ll need the help of an expert.   

  • Splash Guards and Gutter Extensions  

You can install gutter extensions next to your downspout. This will help you direct water away from your home. On the other hand, splash guards stop water from overshooting the gutter. It would help if you considered installing it as well.  

These are the simple solutions you can use for your wet basements. However, they aren’t permanent. With professional waterproofing services, you can have a dry basement permanently.