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  • Just got it today, it's great.

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  • Hi David Hope you are well Just letting you know that the necklace just arrived and it looks great better than I expected and superb value... my wife just loves mushrooms.

    S.S., Kristiansand, Norway

  • Hey I just got it in today, it looks great!!!!
    You may be hearing from me in the future!!
    Thanks again!

    Z.H., Madison, SD

  • I love the necklaces, and so does my fiance who they were for!

    Thank you

    S.W., Wilmington, DE

  • Received my first order on Monday, ordered more items on Tuesday. Love the wares!

    The light is my paint. ...

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Art of Macrame

Macramé is art of tying knots in a decorative way. The art has lost its significance. However, the decade of 70s saw the art of Macramé growing with new ideas and enthusiasm. The art has once again captured the attention with growth of hemp jewelry. There was increase in use of natural material for jewelry making. An inclination towards making use of natural and eco-friendly material is seen.
The use of finer and delicate twine for the art of macramé is known as micro-macramé. It is an elegant art. It involves more artistic skills. It gives modern touch to the art and jewelry. There are some differences in micro macramé and macramé. Both differ in size and use of beads.
The art of macramé involves tying different kinds of knots like the square knot, the half knot, the half hitch, the overhand knot and the lark’s head. These are basic knots and it is important to practice these before you start working on combination of knot and endless variation. In order to make uniform and even knots, one needs to practice well.
After being a master in making basic knots, one can try making micro-macramé knots. Finer material like silk cord can be used to make jewelry with beads. The jewelry is more sober and fashionable. It reflects modernity and changing trend. Hemp jewelry can be also made using this art. Materials like cotton fiber, flax, leather, rattail and silk can be used to make beautiful jewelry.
The art of macramé involves less investment than other arts. The work can be started with basic materials which need less capital. The project for macramé jewelry is easier as compared to wire jewelry or knitting and crocheting. Assorted tools or role of wire is not necessary. Just basic tools like padded clipboard are needed.