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  • Just got it today, it's great.

    Thanks again.

    M.M., Boulder, CO

  • Hi David Hope you are well Just letting you know that the necklace just arrived and it looks great better than I expected and superb value... my wife just loves mushrooms.

    S.S., Kristiansand, Norway

  • Hey I just got it in today, it looks great!!!!
    You may be hearing from me in the future!!
    Thanks again!

    Z.H., Madison, SD

  • I love the necklaces, and so does my fiance who they were for!

    Thank you

    S.W., Wilmington, DE

  • Received my first order on Monday, ordered more items on Tuesday. Love the wares!

    The light is my paint. ...

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Why Friendship Bracelets?

A friendship bracelet, or a band, is usually a handmade accessory. These bands are exchanged as gifts and remain the most cherished and important things given or received. With changing times, the designs of these bands have also undergone a tremendous change. Apart from simple strings, they are now available in a variety of materials, silver being a popular metal of choice. These bracelets are also used as jewelry and often coordinated with outfits to enhance the overall style. One special feature of metal bracelet is the option of getting a name, personal message or a motif engraved on it to make it a more personalized gift. These bands can be designed as per a person’s requirement and are long lasting compared to a threaded one. A band coveys your commitment and emotional attachment to the person receiving it and a personally designed bracelet greatly enhances this fact.
These bands are a wonderful souvenir if you and your friends do not stay in the same city or country. They convey your commitment to your friend and your friendship. A friendship bracelet reminds you of your friend who may not be with you but is always remembered by you and holds your friendship dear and close to his/her heart. A band or bracelet is a thoughtful gift to convey your emotions to your friends and their importance in your life.