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  • Just got it today, it's great.

    Thanks again.

    M.M., Boulder, CO

  • Hi David Hope you are well Just letting you know that the necklace just arrived and it looks great better than I expected and superb value... my wife just loves mushrooms.

    S.S., Kristiansand, Norway

  • Hey I just got it in today, it looks great!!!!
    You may be hearing from me in the future!!
    Thanks again!

    Z.H., Madison, SD

  • I love the necklaces, and so does my fiance who they were for!

    Thank you

    S.W., Wilmington, DE

  • Received my first order on Monday, ordered more items on Tuesday. Love the wares!

    The light is my paint. ...

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A Brief Guide to Hemp Necklaces

Hemp twine is the name given to twine that is produced from the plant Hemp. These plants are native to Asia. Hemp twine is used in making necklaces, as well as other jewelry.

Either thin or medium thickness twines are used in making these necklaces. Very thick twines are not used as they are harder to weave. Very coarse hemp twines are also not used in making necklaces as such necklaces are uncomfortable to wear. In order to make a necklace, several hemp twines are intertwined with each other in a style known as the macramé. The necklaces are knotted together by square and larks head knots. Sometimes beads, pendants or necklace clamps are also woven into the necklace to make it look more beautiful.

Nowadays, hemp twines are available in different colors. Yet, the most preferred color of hemp necklaces is its natural color, which is a pale brown color. Hemp necklaces have seen an increase in popularity during the last few years. One reason for this is that some people have diverted from the use of metal (such as gold or silver) necklaces. Another reason is that people have come to appreciate, the exotic beauty of these necklaces.

You can make a hemp necklace by yourself, but first you will have to learn to tie the abovementioned knots correctly. Once you learn the method, making a hemp necklace will be quite a simple task. There are many websites on the internet which provide information on the correct procedure to follow in making a hemp necklace.

Alternatively, you can buy a hemp necklace instead of making one. You can either buy a necklace from a brick-and-motor store or purchase one through the internet. Even if you are not planning on buying online, surf the internet to get an idea of the types of hemp necklaces available and their quality. After all, if you are buying a hemp necklace, you should get the best value for your money.