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  • Just got it today, it's great.

    Thanks again.

    M.M., Boulder, CO

  • Hi David Hope you are well Just letting you know that the necklace just arrived and it looks great better than I expected and superb value... my wife just loves mushrooms.

    S.S., Kristiansand, Norway

  • Hey I just got it in today, it looks great!!!!
    You may be hearing from me in the future!!
    Thanks again!

    Z.H., Madison, SD

  • I love the necklaces, and so does my fiance who they were for!

    Thank you

    S.W., Wilmington, DE

  • Received my first order on Monday, ordered more items on Tuesday. Love the wares!

    The light is my paint. ...

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Custom Solid Flat Hemp Bracelet

Create a solid colored custom hemp bracelet with your choice of hemp.

Pick a color:

  • 01.Natural
  • 02.White
  • 03.Blend
  • 04.Light Brown
  • 05.Brown
  • 06.Black
  • 07.Forest Green
  • 08.Green
  • 09.Turquoise
  • 10.Purple/Blue
  • 11.Navy Blue
  • 12.Indigo
  • 13.Lilac
  • 14.Rose
  • 15.Red
  • 16.Golden
  • 17.Yellow
  • 18.Burgundy

$6.95 tax incl.

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